Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2007



Nick Fleming, Shelley Neal, Becca Gillespy, Tony Young, Bill Roe, John O’Hearn


GUESTS:  Tom Cotner, TP Thornton, Kevin McGinnis


CONTRACTORS:  Chuck Bartlett, Brian Oster, Martin Rudow


Openings:  Meeting called to order at 7:31PM


Minutes:  John O’Hearn


Motion made to approve August minutes by Nick seconded by Tony and approved.


Financial Report:  Bill Roe


  • Our current bank account balance is $5173.12
  • We still owe some prize money for All-Comers meets, $1100.
  • Still awaiting Firecracker receipts from Brian, hope to have soon.
  • National Cross Country budget for December was discussed, at least two people have  pledged and additional $200 to help defray costs (Saul and Chuck)
  • The Club Northwest garage sale brought in $650-congrats Becca, more in membership!
  • Tom Cotner talked about prize money possibility for PNTF and Regionals cross country meets. They are expecting a large turnout of teams for Regionals.  If Club Northwest swept team competition we could bring in as much as $750 to help fund our trip in December.
  • Tom also talked about Club Northwest bidding for Regionals or contributing some funding, this to be discussed in more detail in October-we have done this in the past.
  • Martin had proposed a new compensation package for himself, Bill made a motion to approve it and Shelley seconded it-it was unanimously approved
  • Martin reported that things were a little slow this month but $1643 was sent to us for August 2007.  Northwest Runner came out a week earlier this month.  Martin went to Super Jock and Jill and Bank to Bay.  We also had representation at Skagit Flats Marathon
  • The Running Network did not send us a check in August, they were sold 2 years ago and had owed us money which they have been paying back over time
  • We still have a St. Pat’s receivable outstanding but overall have very few deadbeat “payers” and average 30 days in our receivables.
  • Martin wants to get the word out now for help at the Seattle Marathon Expo in November-Becca to include the request in the monthly newsletter


Membership:  Becca Gillespy

·        Becca hosted Club Northwest Garage Sale on 8/25 and generated $650! 

·        Not a lot of Club Northwest members helped with the Garage Sale.  Katie and Will were the “stars”.

·        When Becca has sent out the monthly newsletter she has received quite a few E-mail responses indicating that addresses are no longer valid but only one person who responded that they are not a member.

·        Becca continues to struggle with sorting and working on a new database, it seems that Club Northwest and Northwest Runner information is not consistent and connected.

·        We received 3 new memberships and one family membership online in August

·        A few people made comments about the new Club Northwest fee, one said they would drop their membership because of it

·        It was suggested that we put an article on the Club Northwest page of Northwest Runner detailing why the fees have gone up in the November issue

·        Tom Cotner suggested we work on doing a better job of advertising/marketing what we do for the community, All-Comers is a great example of this

·        Becca will work on a letter and flyer to be sent to members discussion the new rates as well

·        Bill had donated some Team USA gear for the Garage Sale-Becca saved it and will put it on E-bay in hopes of generating more revenue than we might have gotten at the sale.


Events: Brian Oster

  • ACTION ITEM- Bill to meet with Tom/Kenny and Brian prior to October meeting to discuss New Balance Winter Grand Prix Series
  • Hangar 27 is probably out now for the Resolution Run (used to rent it for $1800); we might do the race from the beach, tent the area or look into other hangars.
  • Rose Wetzel won the Ryka Girl 5K in Club Northwest colors!
  • Up to 6 comp entries will be given out for Issaquah Salmon Days for prospective Club Northwest cross country team members (most likely open men and women only).  It is still the PNTF 10K Road Racing Championship as well.
  • The PNTF cross country meet 10/28 will be 6K for open/masters women and master’s men and 8K for open men.  The Regional meet 11/18 will be 6K for open/masters women and 10K for open/masters men
  • The PNTF Annual Meeting is 9/16 at Montlake Community Center
  • Becca asked Club Northwest to consider funding $10,000 for the track curb at King’s in exchange for deeply discounted rates on future meets; they may not need a decision on this for several months she will know details on this within a month.
  • Brian said the Seattle Marathon is looking for split timers, possibility of $600 in revenue for Club Northwest but would require over 36 volunteers so this was dismissed given coordinating that number of volunteers over a holiday weekend



Team Report:  Chuck Bartlett/Shelley Neal

  • Shelley had wanted a vote on the coaches contract in September however, Lance had some reservations about it and was not at the meeting so this was tabled at least until October
  • Research on plane tickets for Club Nationals Cross Country shows that tickets without names will cost approximately $670, Shelley will book the hotel this week
  • The $200 fee would be required for all participants, with masters paying half of the cost of the ticket, so they could be paying up to $335.
  • Still a lot of interest in Club Nationals but only 6 runners showed up for tonight’s Cross Country meeting.
  • For the Men’s Open team it was decided that in order for an athlete to get fully funded for December Nationals they must run under 31:00 at Issaquah Salmon Days.
  • Three meets will still be used for all teams to select our representatives for Club Nationals, Salmon Days, PNTF and Regionals.
  • The 50-over and 40-over men’s masters’ teams are investigating purchasing their own tickets for Club Nationals to save cost and will handle their own logistics to get to the hotel. 
  • Bill suggested the board get together on 10/21 at a mutually agreeable site to go over long-term planning, fund raising, etc from 11-4PM
  • Lance said he is working on fund raising but we had no formal report from him since he was not at the meeting tonight.
  • Becca asked about who gets free uniforms which led into a discussion of “A “, “B”, National and International standards for our athletes.  Only “A “ and above get free uniforms, singlets are $15


WEB:    Chuck Bartlett


·         22 people have responded so far to the All-Comers survey.


No new business and the motion was made to adjourn at 8:57 by Nick-seconded by Tony Young.