Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

April 10, 2006


Club Northwest Office

6319 N.E. 74th Street

Seattle, WA   98115


Attendance:  Board

T.P., Bill Roe, Phil Finger, Nick Fleming, Steve Hatzenbeler and Tony Young.



Tom Cotner



Martin Rudow of Northwest Runner

Brian Oster of ProMotion Events

Chuck Bartlett of Chuckit and Club Northwest’s Team Manager



Meeting called to order at 7:38 pm.


Minutes:  Phil Finger

Tony Young moved that minutes for the month of March be approved and it was seconded by Bill Roe.  Motion passed.


Financial Report:  Bill Roe

     Bill indicated that Club Northwest’s financial fortunes had taken a turn   

     for the better with a balance of $30,696.28.  The balance of the Reso Run

     funds owed the club is to come.  All Comers 2006 meet sponsors are

     VSM, ASICS, PUMA, SJ&J, RRS, TP, Allison and PME.  Thought is

      being given to building club reserves up to $70,000 and putting $10,000

      in a Certificate of Deposit.


Northwest Runner Report:  Martin Rudow

     Things are going well and an upgrade to the Northwest Runner magazine

      to  glossy page stock is planned this Fall.  Keith Mark Johnson will be

      writing a High School running report for the magazine.  The Yakima and

      Whidbey Island race events had great fields with over 2,000 entries in

Northwest Runner Report (cont.)   

     the Whidbey Island event.  The magazine is presently $10,288 ahead of

     it’s projected budget estimate for the year.


Team:  Chuck Bartlett

     Shoes are in for team athletes and most members have picked them up.

     We were unable to get acceptable orange singlets for the women so we

      will stay with our current models.  Team members have been asked to

      submit an update on their race training and plans.  There is a marathon

      relay event in Denver in May and USATF will help pay for part of the

      trip.  Chuck would like to create a shopping cart on the Club Northwest

      website for equipment.


Events and Pro Motion:  Brian Oster

      All Comers meets will be at Shoreline stadium for 2006.  CNW has

       been asked to help at the High School district track meets at

       Shoreline stadium on April 29th and May 17th.  Local marathon winners

       Pictures will be printed on Natures Path cereal boxes.  The Spring

       break meet Edmonds on March 25th made us $505.00.


Membership:  Nick Fleming

      Nick is proposing short and long range membership goals for Club

      Northwest.  These include consideration of a new club logo, new fee  

      schedule for membership and a new club brochure.  Nick proposed

      emailing club members to solicit volunteers for CNW sponsored



New Business:

      Tom Cotner mentioned that Candy Weston is willing to host a CNW

      social function.

      T.P. asked the board membership to think about formation of sub-

      committees and filling vacant positions on the CNW board.


The move to adjourn was made by Tony Young and seconded by Steve



The next Club Northwest Board meetings will be May 8th and June 12th.