Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

July 10, 2006


Club Northwest Office

6319 N.E. 74th Street

Seattle, WA   98115


Attendance:  Board

T.P., Bill Roe, Phil Finger Nick Fleming, Shelley Neal, Steve Hatzenbeler, Saul Kinderis, Tony Robinson and Tony Young.



Tom Cotner and Becca Gillespy



Martin Rudow of Northwest Runner

Brian Oster of ProMotion Events

Chuck Bartlett of Chuckit and Club Northwest’s Team Manager



Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm.


Minutes:  Phil Finger

Corrections made to the month of May’s minutes.  Nick Fleming moved that the amended minutes be approved and it was seconded by Saul Kinderis.  Motion passed.  Corrections made to the month of June’s minutes.  Shelley Neal moved that the amended minutes be approved and it was seconded by Nick Fleming.  Motion passed.


Financial Report:  Bill Roe

Club Northwest has $32,983.57 in the bank or PayPal accounts, with $4,000 in payables and $4,200 in receivables.  The ending balance is $33,183.57.  Bill indicated that the 2006 budgeted accounts amount for Northwest Runner was $36,000.00 and that at the end of June the actual amount was already $38,307.00, a much rosier outcome than anticipated.


Northwest Runner Report:  Martin Rudow

There has been terrific race attendance this year.  The July issue of Northwest Runner turned out great.  TP and Shelley will be putting together a piece about youth track to be included in a future Northwest Runner issue.  Martin indicated that he could use some additional help at future races.  There are plans to change magazine format to glossy stock beginning with the December 2006 issue.


Team:  Chuck Bartlett

Club Northwest will be sending six member entrants to the 2006 USATF National Club Track & Field Championships at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California this weekend.  Club Northwest runners placed very well in the Firecracker 5000 and the Virginia Mason Team Medicine Marathon at Seafair..




Events:  Bill Roe and Brian Oster

Kid’s events at the Summer All Comers meets have sky rocketed and the giving out of participant ribbons to kid entrants has been a huge hit.  There has been a slight down turn in adult entries.


Membership:  Brian Oster, Nick Fleming and Bill Roe

There were 810 entrants at the 2006 Firecracker 5000 run at the Seattle Center this year, which is over 200 more than lasts year.

To date, no one has shown up for the Club Northwest sponsored Saturday morning runs at Sand Point.

Between Bill reporting on PayPal status and Brian reporting on mail-ins received, 22 new CNW members were tallied between Board meetings.  Three of those were family memberships.


New Business:

Discussion commenced on the compensation for and responsibilities of Chuck Bartlett’s  Team Manager position.  We are currently on a month-to-month agreement with Chuck, paid through July 31.  He has indicated that $250 is not substantive enough to make the job worth his time.  Shelley Neal moved that the club increase Chuck’s compensation by $200 a month up through December of this year.  It was seconded by Tony Robinson, and the motion carried.  Responsibilities for cross country and track and field will be fine tuned and resolved by December, 2006.


Board member attendance at CNW Board meetings was brought up by TP as a concern in view of Article IV, section D3 of Club Northwest’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

There was barely a quorum at the Club’s annual meeting this year, and a lack of a quorum at June’s meeting. 


There was discussion of the need for additional assistance at the Summer All Comers meets and Bill suggested the Club might bring back the volunteer incentive program with free or reduced rate club membership or free entry into a club sponsored race.


The move to adjourn was made by Saul Kinderis and seconded by Nick Fleming.  The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.


The next Club Northwest Board meetings will be on August 14th and September 11th.