Club Northwest

Meeting Minutes

June 12, 2006


Club Northwest Office

6319 N.E. 74th Street

Seattle, WA   98115


Attendance:  Board

T.P., Bill Roe, Phil Finger, Nick Fleming, and Shelley Neal.


Guests:  None



Martin Rudow of Northwest Runner

Brian Oster of ProMotion Events

Chuck Bartlett of Chuckit and Club Northwest’s Team Manager



Meeting began at 7:30 pm.  There were not enough board members to constitute a quorum so no voting on items could be done, including approval of minutes for the month of May meeting.


Financial Report:  Bill Roe

Balances of all accounts:  $32,593.39.  There is $2,400 in accounts receivable from All Comers sponsors.  There is $1,500 in accounts payable for prize funds to 2005 All Comers athletes.  Club Northwest’s net worth is $33,493.39.  Bill proposes to move $10,000.00 immediately into a CD.  Estimated income in the next month is $5k from All-Comers, $3k from Firecracker and $3k from Northwest Runner.  Estimated expenses for next month are $1,200 for PME, $600 for CB, $3k for All-Comers and $2-3k for NCC T&F.


Northwest Runner Report:  Martin Rudow

Club received a check in the amount of $7,286.00 from Northwest Runner.


Team:  Chuck Bartlett

Club Northwest will be sending a team to the Open and Master’s Cross Country Nationals on December 8th and 9th, 2006.  Chuck, Bill and Shelley will be looking at appropriate club manager duties and responsibilities.


Events and Membership:  Brian Oster/Nick Fleming

See attached report.



 club northwest


Pro-Motion Report: 06-12-06




·         All Comers flyers have been distributed to high school track & x-country coaches in the Northwest. This is in addition to the regular mass distribution to approximately 175 outlets.  We will also send an email blast to our complete email database as part of the Firecracker email in late June.

o   We have had two All Comers so far. Bill to report on those.

o   All All Comers invoices have been sent out.

o   RRS will have a presence at the next All Comers as the meet sponsor (they switched with Puma)


·         A sample RRS Firecracker 5000 shirt is here tonight. Shirts are given out at all the registration outlets.


o   Brochures and posters are also available. We kindly ask that all members take a stack of brochures and distribute them as they may.

o   Two page ad (in conjunction with RRS) in the June issue of NW Runner Magazine. July will have a full page ad.

o   As always, CNW members receive $15 off their Firecracker entry, provided they don’t wait until day of event registration.

o   Also as always, there are no comp entries for CNW members (exception being Board members), but we encourage club members not running to volunteer.


·         Iron Girl. The September 10th Women’s only 5K & 10K event to be held at Green Lake is looking to invite (and comp) the area’s top 25 (or so) women. Help is requested in gathering these names and email addresses or phone numbers so we can pass them along to Iron Girl.


·         Non-running or CNW related.  We are assisting with the production of the Washington Brewers Guild’s Brewer’s Festival this weekend at the Seattle Center and could use help. Several positions are still available for anyone wanting to help. Must commit to at least one full day (Sat or Sun) but both preferred, with fairly long hours. Pay is $12/hour and beer. Must be 21 or over of course. Please call or email me Tuesday if interested.




 club northwest


Pro-Motion Report: 06-12-06





o   TP and Nick continue their due diligence in hosting the Saturday morning runs every second and forth Saturday from this date there have been no takers.  It has been suggested that an ad be placed periodically in NW Runner.

o   Brian has been going to RRS every Tuesday (well, almost every Tuesday) for the posted Tuesday evening member runs. Faring only slightly better than Saturdays, there have been a total of three runners attending, but not consistently. Maybe in the same ad?

o   RRS remains receptive to other membership building ideas, including hosting CNW nights from the store, buying pizza and drinks, etc. But Board support for this would be needed so we don’t have a weak turnout like the first time. Additional suggestions are welcome.

o   SJJ has expressed similar interest in supporting Club member events.


o   With one or two minor glitches, membership is up to date within 2-3 weeks (meaning it take up to 3 weeks after you join to receive your card, depending on your place in the printing cycle).


o   Hopefully, the Board can discuss the possibility of increasing membership dues this July, or holding off until the first of next year.  We would like a decision on this soon so we can prepare letters to members if necessary.


Athlete attendance at 2006 All Comers meets so far has been down slightly, possibly due to cost of gasoline and schools not being out yet.


New Business:

Club Northwest Board Member meeting attendance was discussed.  It was agreed that notice of future meetings would be sent out by the prior Friday and members who would not be able to attend would notify Phil no later than the Sunday before the meeting.  If prior notice is not received, the assumption is that the member plans to attend.  2006 CNW Board Meeting attendance thus far is as follows with “X” indicating meetings attended:

                         Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May    Jun

TP                      X      X       X       X      X       X

Bill                     X      X       X       X      X       X

Shelley               X      X       X       -        X       X

Nick                   X      X        -        X      X       X

Phil                     X     X        X       X      X       X

Hatz                            X        X       X

Tony R               X      -         -         -       X       -

Tony Y               X      -         -         X      X      -

Sarah                  X      X        -         -        -      

Saul                    X       -         -        -        X       -

Regie                   -        -        X         -       X       -

Discussion of board member attendance guidelines outlined in the 2006 Club Northwest Handbook followed and will be a topic in future meetings.


Meeting adjourned at 8:41 pm.


The next Club Northwest Board meetings will be July 10th and August 14th.