This is our periodic eNewsletter for our members and friends.  We hope you can use the information to enjoy your participation in our sport through Club Northwest!  This is a hurried version of the e-News, months late and too little information.  But that's the way the fall goes when both of your teams -- in my case CNW and WWU -- keep you busy as busy as a four-armed paper hanger...


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No board meeting in December, due to multiple other activities
Monday, January 10, 6 p.m pizza social hour, 7 p.m. business meeting
No board meeting in February, although committees are expected to meet and report
Monday, March 14, 6 p.m. pizza hour, 7 p.m. ANNUAL MEETING AND ELECTIONS


Your Northwest Runner mailing label carries the expiration date for your membership.  Sometimes we adjust it -- for example, when you renew a membership early, we add a full 12 months.  Or if you "upgrade" from a Northwest Runner subscription, we tack on the membership to the end of the subscription period (within reason!)  Or if for some reason we do not get your membership logged in immediately, we end your membership later to pick up the lag time.  It helps us if you react to your reminders -- generally mailed out from the Northwest Runner office -- in a timely manner.  You won't lose membership months or issues of the magazine if you renew early!


Our membership committee has been conducting Sunday runs.  Runs begin at 9 a.m. on Sunday mornings from different places and sponsored by a different Club member.  Explore the area with the group, and meet your fellow Club members.  For a schedule of the Sunday morning runs, check our website.

Our November 28 race -- in hopes we get you back to running weight after Turkey Day -- is up against some tough competition in the Seattle Marathon weekend.  But if you'd like to avoid the crowds, come join us tomorrow morning for a 5k, 10k, or 15k distance -- your choice -- for a lot cheaper than you'll pay the SMA!  We had over 150 finishers in our October Halloween run.  Our next three races are December 18, January 15, and February 19, with the December and February races coinciding with the New Balance SJJ Winter Grand Prix, and offering you a two-fer!  Run both races for only a little more than the price of one!  
Looking for more series information?  Check out  Don't forget the CNW member discount code of cnw11 (case sensitive) when you sign up on-line!

New divisions!  When this series was founded in 1996, the concept was to get middle and high school kids out running during the winter months.  Over the years, however, the series seems to have had more appeal to masters age groups.  In hopes of getting more kids out to run, we've greatly expanded the lower age divisions.  Get more information from our website, as well as the Super Jock 'n Jill website.  Our race dates this year at Magnuson Park are December 4 (cross country), December 18 (road run), January 8 (cross country), January 22 (road run), February 5 (track races at Nathan Hale HS), and February 19 ("chase race" finale and pizza party awards), with all races beginning at 9 a.m.  This year, we feature on-line registration, with CNW members getting a discount by using the code wintercnw!

Over the last 7 years since the incorporation of the Polar Bear Plunge, the annual Resolution Run - held nearly annually since 1977, except when the weather has defeated our resolve -- has grown to its largest participation ever.  From a meager 421 in 2004, the first year of the Plunge, we have more than tripled in size, and attracted area-wide media attention.  The 2010 edition resulted in visits from three television stations and had three pictures in the Seattle Times!  2010's 1526 finishers will undoubtedly be topped in 2011, and we want all Club members to either participate as a runner (and/or plunger, but we know John Curley will MAKE you get in the water anyway!!) or a volunteer.  To sign up at the ProMotion Events website using your membership code, plug in ResC11 (case-sensitive).

As with all member codes used for on-line registration, we get an e-mail stating that someone is using the code.  We then check to make sure the person using the code is a member.  Remember that your membership must be valid in January to use the code for the race on January 1.  o if your Northwest Runner label indicates an expiration of December 2010, you will get a note back from us disallowing use of the code.  Also please don't increase our workload by sharing the code with non-members.  If you register family members using the code, please make sure your membership is a family membership -- otherwise, only you are entitled to use the code.  If a member of your family has a different last name, please send us an e-mail at the time of registration so that we don't write them an irritating note!

Club athletes are currently preparing for the December 11 thirteenth annual National Club Cross Country Championships in Charlotte, North Carolina.  We will have nearly 35 runners in Charlotte, with both open and masters well represented.  Remember, this is the meet we are hosting at Jefferson Park Golf Course on December 10, 2011!  Make plans to be there!

The 27th annual Saturday, July3-Sunday, July 4 midnight run was a huge success this year.  We had a ton of helpers and volunteers for the near-record field of 1202 (eclipsed only by the first year in 1984), and Megan Johnson won the women's race while Phil Olson was the runner-up on the men's side.  Although nearly two dozen members completed the race, we were just as happy that nearly two dozen more showed up to treat Seattle runners to a well-run event!

In case you missed it, there was a great article on one of CNW's members in the December Northwest Runner magazine.  Steven Ferreira, coached by Thornton "T.P." Perry and Greg Stotsenburg, participates in wheelchair events at various levels of competition, ranging from our own all-comers series to the World Wheelchair competition held late last summer, where he won his category in the discus and placed 7th in the shot put.  You will undoubtedly be able to see Steven at next year's all-comers -- he was a real regular in 2010!

Shorecrest High School is organizing the 15th Annual Shoreline Candy Cane Dash.  It is a 5K run/walk for the whole community and they are expecting about 500 runners this year.  It will take place on December 4th at 9am, starting and finishing at Shoreline Stadium.  Registration is $20 and includes a timing chip, long sleeve t-shirt, refreshments, and a chance at many prizes from sponsors after the race. All proceeds benefit the Shorecrest High School Cross Country team and the Senior Project Fund.  It is up against the first race in the Winter Grand Prix, but it is local for those not "cross country" inclined.  Check out the website:  

CNW's Will Conwell was the high point winner at this year' club track & field nationals, placing in all four throwing events, and winning the shot put.  He is seeking support in order to make the 2012 Olympic Team.  Here is his latest newsletter to his growing group of supporters.  If you want to be a supporter of Will's efforts, read on!
The biggest news of September happened on the 12th.  I turned 28!  As I understand it, some people are embarrassed of their age, some are disappointed, and others can’t wait to grow up.  As for me and 28…..It’s perfect.  Read on and I will explain.  Although it is not everything I care about, my time is primarily focused on making the 2012 Olympic team.  I just turned 28 which seems old as far as athletics go (football primarily) but male throwers have to handle weighted implements which takes time to develop specific strength.  Here’s the kicker, statistically we peak between 28 and 32 years old.  Timing couldn’t be better.  I will be 29 when I compete in Eugene, Oregon at the 2012 Olympic Trials.

Practices are now back in full swing and coach Clayton managed to figure out a way to make this pre-season harder than ever.  We are throwing heavy weighted implements, balancing, jumping, lifting weights, and of course focusing on perfect technique in everything we do.  I’m sore everyday and I can’t wait for our next workout, but you would never know it because I complain and whine every time I look at my workout sheet.

For everybody who hasn’t yet joined my team……Yes!  I am still fundraising.  We are getting closer but the run is now coming to a crawl.   I am in need of $400 a month.  Currently 27 family and friends have chosen to join the team and are giving $1100 a month.  With only $400 a month left to raise I am looking for 12 of you to join my team and contribute $25/month!  You can join by sending a check to the Evergreen Athletic Fund (Non-Profit, tax-deductible) or by clicking the donate tab on my website  The financial support of those who contribute monthly, as well as future gifts of any amount and frequency are always a blessing.

CNW is looking to establish a new event to join with our unique Resolution Run and Trip 'n Drip and Firecracker 5000.  Right now, we are contemplating either or both a Cinco de Mayo run and a Woodland Park Zoo Run.  As well, we are looking for unique courses around which to build events.  If you have a suggestion, it should be unique, perhaps an area we haven't used for many years or a course which has just come into being (new road, new bridge, new bike path).

CNW is looking for one or more vehicles to use primarily for events.  They are listed in priority order:
-- cargo van or mini-van
-- small utility trailer
-- golf cart
-- moderate sized motor home
Vehicles must be in good, operable condition -- we haven't got the resources to spend a lot of money on "free" vehicles to make them roadworthy.  They would be fully tax deductible for the "blue book" value.

If there's more you'd like to see included in eNews or more things you'd like your Club to do for you, let me know!  See you at the track, in the field, or on the roads!

Bill Roe
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