It is the mission of Club Northwest to provide for its members and for the community as a whole, leadership in and support for track & field athletics, long distance running, cross country running, race walking, and mountain/ultra/trail running.

Message from the President, Ed Haywood:

Last month I mentioned this has been a pretty good financial year for your club. That being said, and knowing that we are in the middle of cross country season, what does the club do with the funds to support our athletes in orange? To answer the question, I would like to point out that the money we raise from Northwest Runner Magazine and the numerous events we hold are indeed spent on our athletes. This cross country season is a good example as we help cover much of the cost for our team to participate. This season we will spend over $15,000 alone on entry fees, travel and hotels for our competing runners. In fact, this year we hope to send 80 of you to Bend, Oregon to participate in the Cross Country National Championships. Club Northwest is classified as an Elite Development Club. This means close to 100% of the cost for our open runners and about half the cost for everyone else is paid for by the club. Most years we can't send this many athletes, but when the event is on the west coast, we try to help send everyone we can.


Don't hesitate to send me an email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) anytime you may have a question or would like to a share a thought on how we could improve your club.



Go Orange!

A great way to log some long miles and meet other Club Members is to joins us on Sundays for the Club sponsored long runs.  Most runs leave from Super Jock n Jill near Greenlake, the run starts at 9:00.  On occasion there are donuts, raffles, and even tutus, but mostly a good workout with fun people.  All paces are welcome and there's still time to sign up to be a run leader. Look for information about next Sunday's run on our website:  Another way to connect with members is to like us on Facebook.  The page hasn't been up very long and we already have 450 page likes. The Membership Committee wants to give a big shout out to the Labor Day Half pacers.  Members Carl Winter, Laura Mickelson, Patrick Niemeyer, Nikki Jensen, and Dana Mason wore orange and did a great job representing Club.  There may be more pacing opportunities for other races.  Club Northwest is known for quality runners at any pace.  Thanks again Carl, Laura, Patrick, Nikki, and Dana!

We would like to welcome the following new members to the Club Northwest family: Kelsey Kreft, Lance Logan, David Fort, Tara Peterson, Kevin Aubol, Saskia de Jonge, Ed Smilde, Christopher Fisher, and Benjamin Perri.


November 28 – Magnuson Series Thanksgiving Day Trot at 10 a.m. Run before you eat! Sounds good to me, come on out for our 5 and 10k events. Dressing up is fun and encouraged as well. Also our featured charity for this month is Teen Feed, check out their website for all the great work they do around the area.  Please note that due to the anticipated increase in our usual numbers, we are only offering two distances and our kid's dash.  As always, the series has a discount for CNW members!

December 7 and 21 – First two races of the 18th Annual New Balance / Super Jock 'n Jill Winter Two-Mile Grand Prix Series at 9:00 a.m.  Not many events around the country can claim the three-party partnership we have enjoyed for ALL of our 18 years with this series.  Our thanks to Super Jock 'n Jill for coordinating this event every year, and to New Balance for their financial and in-kind support, enabling Club Northwest to put on a nice "little" series for a great value.  You as a current Club Northwest member through at least February 28, 2014, get a substantial discount!  Information is on our web site, as well as a link to registration.  And in-person registration will begin at Super Jock 'n Jill on about November 15.  New this year – women's cut tee-shirts!  Ladies, you'll no longer have to fit into men's sizes!  First race this year is cross country, and second race is on the road, both at Magnuson Park.


December 21 – Magnuson Series Holiday Fun Run at 10:15 a.m.  Although many people have tried to ask Santa for the gift of fitness, that is something you should just give yourself. What better timing than in the middle of the holiday season, so come on over to Magnuson Park for a nice brisk run, walk, or jog!  Oh, and for all you speed demons out there, we will have $100 for 1st place male and female 5k winners. Also please consider our featured charity Hidden Harvest. They have a great model that includes hiring workers to go out and harvest crops that would otherwise rot on the vine. They donate the produce to Feeding America and it gets distributed throughout the country.


January 1 – Resolution Run 5k and Polar Bear Dive at 10:30 a.m.  Club Northwest invites you to Magnuson Park for this whopper of a good time!  Celebrating the beginning of the new year, the event consists of a 5k run/walk that has an optional Polar Bear Dive into Lake Washington just prior to the event finish line. The post-race celebration includes a free kids dash for children 10 and under, a beer garden for those over 21 featuring great craft Washington beer, and a free chili feed for all. Your membership, along with the special code CNW14RESO, will get you your member discount.  Remember, if you have an individual membership, the discount is only for you.  If you have a family membership, the discount is intended to cover you and your immediate family members living in the same dwelling.  Your membership needs to run through January 2014, so renew now if it expires before the race!


Club Northwest is about half way through a solid cross country season. Like any team, we have been struggling a bit with injuries, but as the runners get healthy and longtime members who don't race XC all that much come back out of the woodwork, we are seeing more and more orange at the front of the pack. We are looking forward to a very competitive USATF National Club Championships in Bend, OR on December 14. The teams are shaping up to look really solid with both the men’s and the women’s teams having 5 or more runners who have finished in the top 20 in the past. On the men’s side we have blasts from the past: Mike Sayenko, Mark Mandi and Joe Gray. Mike has been focused on the marathon for the last few years while Joe has become the star US Mountain runner with multiple US Championships and top ten finishes in the world champs. Mark has been focused on raising his son and on collegiate coaching.  It is great to see them out again and making a contribution to the team. In the newer runners, we have another Ricardi racing well, John, has been making a name for himself in Spartan racing.

On the women’s side, the youngsters are making a dent with their aggressive running. Kimberly Lemon and Jane Larson Ricardi are consistently in the top five as they get support from long time club members Rose Sinnett, Claudia Copeland, Kristi Houk, Lauren Mathews and Alison Mandi.

On the master’s side, Gwen Lapham looks to be ready for another win for the women while Jeff Hashimoto, Ben Sauvage , David McCulloch , John Berta and Acy Roff, look like the team to beat for the men.

So plan your weekend of skiing at Mt Bachelor and come out and cheer your team at the race in Bend. Show up wearing something orange and I will personally grill you something hot off of our team BBQ near the start/finish area.

Some of you are probably aware that there is another side to Club NW besides the running. Some of you may recall that track and field has a field portion and our field eventers are hard at work getting ready for the 2014 season. As the XC season is heating up to the most exciting competitions, most throwers are putting in their hours of grunt work with conditioning and strength training indoors. At Spokane Falls Community College, however, they've got a fun "unsanctioned" meet to keep everyone focused on "the big picture". Throwing FAR and with great technique. One of our new Javelin Throwers, Monika Gruszecki, a former NCAA All American, was there. With having broken her arm in March and missing the whole T&F season, this meet was a welcome change of pace. What a vibrant atmosphere -- collegiate throwers, post-collegiate throwers, coaches, a hearty mix of people showed up and threw into the gusty wind! And talk about a learning opportunity! The winds were totally unforgiving, so the javelin had to cut perfectly through the wind otherwise it wouldn't be going very far. Monika caught a few nice throws, had a few misses, and walked away with the useful awareness of knowing where she should focus her attention for the upcoming spring season. Yee-haw! She is only a few feet off from the USA Nationals qualifying mark and has plenty of time to get ready. Thanks for putting on the meet SFCC, it was a blast :)


Visit the volunteer website to sign up for the following and future upcoming events!


Article from our sponsor Sports Reaction Center Physical Therapy

Stress Fractures: Recovery to Prevention
By: Laura Mickelson, DPT


Have you ever had a stress fracture? If not, I am sure you know one of your running buddies who has had one. Stress fractures are very common in runners; they result from repetitive loading to the bones, especially the lower extremities (toes, shins, femurs, hips, etc). A stress fracture will typically feel achy in a very localized area on the body. You may be able to continue to run, but the pain intensifies, as you get further into a run. It may even get to the point where it is painful to walk. You will usually have tenderness to the touch, and the muscles surrounding the fracture (quads, hamstrings, or calf muscles) may become tight.  Consult your doctor right away if you suspect a stress fracture. At this point, the doctor will order an x-ray, bone scan, and/or MRI to confirm your symptoms.

Recovery time after a stress fracture depends on the location of the fracture. If the fracture is found in the toe (metatarsal) or shin (tibia) then the time necessary to make a full recovery is about 6-8 weeks.  A heel fracture will take approximately 10-12 weeks. A femur and hip fracture will take about 18-20 weeks, which is much more serious.

It is a challenging task to completely rest, while recovering from a stress fracture. However, it is important to avoid weight-bearing activities in the early management of a stress fracture, in order to start the healing process.

So what is recommended activity to do perform while recovering from a stress fracture?

When it is acceptable to bear weight, the stationary bike and pool running are your best options to maintaining your aerobic fitness. It is also important to strengthen the muscles around the area of the stress fracture for prevention in the future. For example, if an individual is recovering from a hip fracture then planks, pushups, single leg bridges and other core exercises are essential.

After your doctor or physical therapist clears you to run, it is critical to make a gradual return to your normal weekly mileage.  Have your physical therapist perform a gait analysis to see if any form changes are necessary, as well as to make sure you are wearing the appropriate shoe for your body.  Your physical therapist will help design a running program to increase your mileage, and return to your previous fitness level, usually taking between 8-12 weeks. A walk/run program is a good approach to gradually increase your body’s tolerance for repetitive loading.  Start out by walking 1-2 minutes and running 1-2 minutes for a total of 20 minutes. Increase the running time each week, until you can run a continuous 45 minutes without pain. And always remember the 10% rule: You should only increase your weekly mileage 0-10% from the previous week. This is important because it will help prevent other overuse injuries from sidelining you in the future.

Prevention strategies that may decrease risk:

1.      Custom orthotics

2.      Proper shoes for your body

3.      Vitamin/calcium supplementation

4.      Incorporate a down week every 3-4 weeks of training

5.      Strength train 1-3 times per week

6.      Vary your training surface (trails, track, etc.)

Paul Limpf, one of our elite men’s distance runners, talks about his experience with a stress fracture that has recently sidelined him:

It was my first stress fracture, ever. I was in the middle of a 15 mile training run for the USA Marathon Championships in Minneapolis , MN . It had started out like any other run I had done before, I was a little tight in my hip on this day, but nothing I couldn’t manage.  It was an out and back run in Spokane on one of my favorite trails.  At mile seven I was starting to really feel tight in my right hip and it was getting worse with last six miles of my run.  I got back to Cheney and went straight to the training room at Eastern Washington University .  We tried working on it in there for a couple of days.  It would get better for a little bit each time, and then it would get worse.  Finally, we went to see an orthopedic specialist in Spokane .  After doing some range of motion work on my leg and hip he decided we should get an MRI.  Two days after my MRI, I got a phone call.  This call ranks in my top 5 worst of all time.  It was my doctor, he said that I had two stress fractures in my hip.  It would be 6-8 weeks of no running, including a minimum of four weeks of being on crutches. 

During this time I spent the first three or four weeks just taking it easy. I wasn’t technically supposed to do anything just so I could let my hip heal.  After I got the go ahead I started biking and doing some pool workouts.  During this whole ordeal I had a decision to make, be grumpy and mad at the world for stealing my marathon away from me, or stay positive and focus on healing.  I help coach the Eagles at EWU and I also teach a couple of classes as part of my grad school work.  I felt the best thing I could do was provide a positive outlook for all of these young men and women during my time of pain.  This was the best thing I could do not only for them, but for myself as well as it really seemed to help the healing process.  I recently got cleared to start running again.  I am taking it nice and slow. I started with running one lap, and walking seven. Every other day I get to add another lap of running.  In a couple of weeks, I will eventually get to start adding mile a couple days a week.  Every mile will be the sweetest mile I have ever run. Eventually, when my body is ready, I will pick a new marathon to train for and I will make sure to take care of myself, while still running with my traditional tenacity.

That's it for this issue!  Let me know what you'd like to know about in upcoming issues!

Laura Mickelson, Communications Committee
Club Northwest
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