Benefits of Joining the Club Northwest Cross Country Team:

-       Free entry into the following cross country races:  WWU Classic 10/8, Emerald City Open 10/15, PNTF Champs 11/6, USATF NW Regional Championships 11/20, Club Nationals 12/10.  This alone will recoup your CNW membership fee.  Please do not register yourself for these races.  Team entries will be handled by CNW Team manager,  Mark Bloudek.

-       Be a part of the best cross country team in the Pacific Northwest!

How to join the Club Northwest Cross Country Team:

- The following link  is the website for members to register for CNW.  Please make sure all your info is correct at the membership site including your email address and birthdate.  Additionally, you MUST sign up to receive cross country emails to be kept up to date as the season progresses.  You can do this by clicking the cross country email link in the upper left part of the screen after logging in at the membership site.

If you have already been receiving emails you do not need to do this.

- Have a Club NW membership that is valid through December 2016. If your membership expires before then, we will ask you to renew, so that we can make sure everyone competing for us is a current member. 

 - If you are interested in competing at the PNTF Championships, USATF NW Regional Championships, or USATF Club Nationals, you need to have a 2016 USA Track and Field membership affiliated with Club Northwest (#116). Masters athletes will also need to have their age verified so please make sure to have your birthdate updated at the CNW membership site.

 - Wear our uniform during cross country meets. Our uniform consists of our pumpkin ORANGE Brooks singlet ($30) and BLACK shorts. We also sell warm-ups and a few other accessories, but the singlet is the only item you are required to purchase. These requirements are the same for men and women.  You may purchase a singlet or other gear online here:  Or, if you do not wish to pay by credit card,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to arrange payment and deliver.

Each athlete is responsible for making sure that their CNW  and USATF memberships are current through December 2016. 

Please take care of these membership issues yourself.  If you find that you need further help, contact Mark Bloudek ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).


2016 Cross Country Schedule 

1.     Sat., Oct. 8    WWU Classic, 10k men, 6k women, Lake Padden, Bellingham

2.     Sat., Oct. 15    Emerald City Open, Lower Woodland, Seattle

3.     Sun., Nov. 6    PNTF Champs, Lower Woodland, Seattle

4.     Sun., Nov. 20  USATF Regionals, Lincoln Park, West Seattle