Age:  34

Events:  Road races (5K and up), middle distance track (800m and 1500m)

Hometown:  Seattle, WA 

College/University Competed for:  University of Notre Dame

All Time Personal Bests:

-       1500m: 4:24 (2003)

-       5K (road) 16:56 (2014)

-       Half Marathon: 1:20:24 (2012)

-       Marathon: 2:50 (2011)

Collegiate Accolades

* 2003 Big East Indoor Mile, 2nd Place

* 2002 Big East Indoor Mile, 8th Place

* 2001 Big East Indoor Mile, 5th Place

* 2000 Big East Indoor Mile, 5th Place

* 2002 Big East Outdoor 1500m, 5th Place

* 2001 Big East Outdoor 1500m, 9th Place

* 2003 Big East Distance Medley Champions, Meet Record 11:24.45

* 2003 Distance Medley NCAA qualifiers

* 2003 Academic All-American

* 2003 Great Lakes Regional Championships, 12th Place

* 2001-2003 Cross Country NCAA qualifier

Post Collegiate Accolades


-       USATF Fall XC Championships, 2nd team scorer on CNW 6th Place Team, 36th overall, 2005

-       USATF Northwest Regional XC Championships, 9th Place finish for winning CNW team, 2005

-       Pacific Northwest XC Championships, 7th Place, 1st Place Team, 2005

-       Seattle Half Marathon, 3rd Place finish, 1:23 something

-       USATF Club Track Nationals, 9th Place, 2007

-       USATF Northwest Regional XC Championships, 2nd  Place for winning CNW team, 2007

-       Pacific Northwest Cross Country Championships, 4th Place for winning CNW team, 2007

-       USATF Club Cross Country Nationals, 52nd Place for 15th Place CNW team, 2007

-       USATF Track Nationals, 5th Place in the 800m, 2:15, 2010

-       USATF Track Nationals, 3rd Place Team in the Sprint Medley Relay, 4:07, 2010

-       USATF Track Nationals, 2nd Place Team in the Distance Medley Relay, 12:20, 2010

-       PNTF Open and Masters Championships, 10th Place, 2010

-       Seattle Half Marathon, 2nd Place Finish, 1:23 something

-       2011 USATF Track Nationals (800m – 5th Place – 2:14) (1500m – 6th Place – 4:35) (4x8 – 3rd) (Sprint Med – 5h) (4x4 – 4th)

-       USATF XC Nationals (2011); 70th Place

-       USATF XC Nationals (2011) 3rd Place Team

-       2011 Eugene Marathon 2:50 10th Place

-       2012 Track Nationals (1500m – 4th Place – 4:31) (5K – 3rd Place  - 17:28) (Lots of relays!)

-       2012 XC Nationals (61st Place) (7th Place Team)

-       2014  Cross Country Club National Championships, 41st place finish on CNW 9th place team

-       2014 Track Nationals (1500m – 2nd place – 4:27) (5000m 1st place – 17:10) (Lots of relays!)

Volunteer work:  I am a middle school math teacher at Holy Rosary School in West Seattle.  I teach a junior high leadership class, and we organized service projects like coat and food drives that benefit organizations in our community. 

Personal Info:  I’ve been a runner pretty much since the moment I could walk.  I love running, and it’s a part of who I am!  My husband, Matt, and I have a 2 year old little sweetie named Ellie, and we just had our second baby, Calvin.  Getting to watch them grow is the best!  Here are some things I love: summers, Christmas, reality TV, sports (esp. pro football), bringing the kids to the park, going to dinners with friends (doesn’t happen often), ice cream, cookies, teaching math, and running (obviously). 

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