It is the mission of Club Northwest to provide for its members and for the community as a whole, leadership in and support for Track & Field Athletics, Long Distance Running, Cross Country Running, Race Walking, and Mountain/Ultra/Trail Running

Club Northwest Uniform Guidelines

Why we have a uniform.

It is a symbol of our team that shows our unity. While we may compete as individuals, the uniform shows our commitment to our Club and fellow teammates. Club Northwest directly benefits by the positive exposure that it receives when athletes wear the CNW uniform. That being said, we hope everyone will choose to wear our uniform as a way to help support our mission.

What is our uniform?

A CNW Team Manager approved orange singlet that the club screens with our Club logo and black shorts. The Club keeps an inventory of singlets made by Brooks that are available for sale on our website. The athletes will provide their own plain black shorts but we would encourage them to consider some from the Brooks website. To add comfort, athletes may have their approved singlet altered as they wish so long as the Club logo is still visible.

How wearing the uniform may affect elite athlete support.

Athletes who sign a Brooks Gear Package are required to wear the CNW uniform at all competitions with the following exceptions: Team USA events, and/or approved costume events. All other athletes who wish to receive travel reimbursement are required to wear the CNW uniform at all competitions in which they receive CNW financial support with the following exceptions: Team USA events, approved costume events, and/or a sponsorship contract requiring a different uniform. There may be special circumstances in which wearing the CNW uniform could qualify an athlete for a travel stipend bonus.

To receive any support offered through CNW, athletes must keep their membership current.

What if a CNW elite athlete has a sponsorship that prohibits them from wearing the CNW uniform?

We encourage our elite athlete club members to carefully read what an outside sponsor’s contract requires from them.  In light of a sponsor requiring a different uniform, we want to be able to continue to help support our elite athletes. Elite athletes required to wear a sponsor’s uniform will still be eligible for funding and benefits. In turn, the Club also asks that you focus on the following things which benefit CNW. These include:


A) Volunteering when possible at CNW events.

B) Having CNW appear in the results of races (A sponsor can be listed concurrently).

C) Promote CNW on Social media and blogs with pictures and mentions of CNW.

D) Send race recaps for each event you participate in to Lois Keller at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so we can publish these.