By joining the Club Northwest Youth Track and Field, I,                                                   , agree to the following:


I will:


1)     Be at practice and meets on time;

2)     Arrive ready to listen, work hard, and learn;

3)     Be supportive of my teammates;

4)     Show respect for all coaches, officials, and opponents;

5)     Represent my club with appropriate language and behavior;

6)     Learn the rules (found at and always respect them;

7)     Have Fun!




Be active in communication: Ensure that you are receiving club email communications. Do not hesitate to communicate to the Head Coach any questions or concerns you may have. Inform coaches of any absences, injuries, illnesses, or other concerns as soon as they arise.




As a parent of a Club Northwest athlete, I will:


1)     Be a model for my child’s conduct (see above)

2)     Place the overall well-being of my child above the competition;

3)     Actively support team coaches and other volunteers;

4)     Refrain from drug, alcohol, or tobacco use at all youth sporting events;

5)     Become familiar with the rules as well. It’s different than the WIAA Rules for high school.

6)     Have Fun!


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