We at Club Northwest would like to express our sincere gratitude for the Brooks gear provided to us in the form of racing uniforms, warm-ups, shoes, and training gear. While there are many competitive sports brands out there, Brooks is by far the best match for Club Northwest because it is a local company and one that goes out of its way to embrace a main characteristic of the Pacific Northwest - a desire for sustainability. Every trip I take out to the Midwest reminds me of how far we in the Pacific Northwest have come in regards to recycling and composting. (I rarely even see glass recycling in the Midwest!). Brooks not only creates "green" shoes, but also has plans to build a "living" building as their headquarters, a testament to their passion for preserving the Earth's limited resources. If I am going to be out there racing my heart out with a logo on my shirt, I want it to be a logo that represents a company I respect.

Another aspect of Brooks we at Club Northwest love above many other popular, more general sports brands is their focus on the sport of running. The huge variety of well-made, properly-tested running shoes guarantees everyone on our team will find a shoe to match their exact needs. As for apparel, I personally run in everything from Brooks hats down to Brooks socks and I appreciate the comfort of all that they make (especially the Equilibrium long sleeve tees - my favorite!). While the comfort, style, fit, and quality are always top-notch, the women's line currently added a much more creative, fashionable twist. Now those of us women who wear running clothing for most of the day can feel a little more feminine and attractive without any extra effort. In summary, Club Northwest, a local running community, and Brooks, a local running company share the same values and can hopefully continue to work together towards promoting active lifestyles and a sustainable future. 

- Rose Wetzel

I've been wearing the Brooks Ghost and Racer ST for about 3 years now.  Each time I get a pair I think it is the ideal shoe, but surprisingly with each new update I find myself with a new favorite shoe.  It's nice to be able to find a shoe or shoes that you know will be consistently great.  It takes one variable out of running and allows me to focus more intently on training and getting to the next level.

-Kevin Murphy

My ode to Brooks:

"Bring on the Brooks!" cries the swiftly passing pedestrian who would rather run to work than commit to four wheels. She effortlessly cruises by traffic with the knowledge that her wheels are protected and her gas mileage is enhanced by shoes that enable her to go that extra mile with a smile on hand. She is blessed with the support from a friend who commits to keep her in stride with the best. Every day, from the sidelines, Brooks is there cheering her on while she strives to grow, inspire, and love her sport even more.

Brooks has done more for me than I could ever have imagined! It's not only about the amazing apparel and running shoes, it about the support from a company who is willing to take the time to recognize a person whose passion for running is not necessarily a job, but a way of life. What more could you ask for than a friend? Thanks Brooks!

-Kristi Houk

I cannot tell you how helpful it is to have Brooks sponsor Club Northwest and provide us with shoes, racing flats and gear. I wore Brooks shoes before I received the sponsorship and I am really appreciative and lucky to receive Brooks gear each year to help support my running. I made the switch from Asics running shoes a few years back after injury and haven't turned back. Brooks shoes and clothing are high quality and long lasting. The style and designs of their clothing/shoes are always attractive and I even get compliments in the community. It is definitely my running brand of choice!

-Laura Mickelson 

I'm recently home from a long trail run in which I was dressed in Brooks from sole to shoulders!  I ran happy, with good control of heat and feet.  I appreciate the versatility of Brooks gear, particularly shoes for track to city to trails.

- Lia Slemons

One thing I love about the Brooks gear is that it fits incredibly well.  The dry fit shirts are great when it's warm outside as well as on those many rainy days!  I also love how stylish my Brooks gear is.  I always get compliments on my running gear!  For example, whenever I wear the black and white stylish jacket, people always ask me where I got it.  I love the light orange "run" shirt.  I've also found that the fit of the shorts has really improved.  And, I like how they offer the tall sizes in many of the pants; it's nice for those of us with long legs!  Finally, I have never found a running shoe that fits me as well as the Brooks....and I've been running since 2nd grade! :)  

-Megan Johnson

I especially like the Brooks road racing flats. They are light yet stable, and I get many comments on the zany orange color! I also like their fitted women's running shirts.

-Sarna Becker

For me - Brooks means comfort.  Shoes or clothing have a nice feel right from the go.  The up-to-date look of the shoes always has folks asking how I like them?  Lately, the Cascadia trail shoe has gotten a lot of use.  Love it.

-Tony young