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The steeplechase is one of those events that either confuses people when I describe the race or, if they are familiar with track, I get a lot of admiration for taking on such a notoriously difficult event.  “How did you get into the steeple?” many people ask, not bothering to hide their incredulity.  Well, I tried out track my freshman year of high school because my parents, both who ran in college, encouraged me to give it a chance.  I thought, like many athletes with a team sports background, I would be a sprinter.  And I was, for one meet, until I got decimated by the girls from the other city schools.  The coaches convinced me the added discomfort of being a mid-distance runner would be worth the glory of excelling at an event.   I was lucky enough to enter the University of Minnesota with a group of extremely talented women, many of whom were mid-distance runners as well (Heather Kampf and Gabriele Grunewald have continued their dominance in mid-distance events to this day).  Coach Wilson made the decision that since I had played soccer, I’d probably be coordinated enough to jump over obstacles while running fast.  Steeplechase has been my favorite event ever since because it takes coordination, a high pain tolerance, and strong muscles.


MEET 05 OF 12 • 24 JUNE 2015
Weather – very nice after a cool start.
Outstanding performance – Justin Kent in the mile and Theo Hunt in the 5000 both came down from BC for an evening of running, and Maya Harewood in the 100-meters and 400-meters continues to excel, as does Erin Ripple in the 800-meters. Totally quality evening!
Total entries – 601 – second-best fifth meet, putting us at 119 participant entries over our record pace through meet number 5!


We hope to see you at the Seattle Center's Memorial Stadium as a participant in Seattle's only midnight run.  This year, we are planning a major change to the starting time!  We are planning for the gun to go off at 11:40 p.m. and any runner who beats midnight will get a special certificate.  We'll go a little deeper for the women, to 12:05, so that the two genders have an equal opportunity for the recognition!


Training with the 2014 Diamond League javelin champion, his coach, and the world record holder in the woman’s javelin. Jena, Thùˆringen: (1) destination where Jan Zelezny set the World Record at 98.48m in 1996; (2) home of Petra Felke, the woman with the furthest throw in history at 80m and World Record holder of the old-rules javelin; and (3) current training location of 2014 Diamond League champion, Thomas Röhler.


MEET 4 OF 12 • 17 JUNE 2015
Weather – spot on.
Outstanding performance – Levi Keller (CNW) in Pole Vault and Javelin, and Taylor Roe in the 1500-meters.
Total entries – 621 – best fourth week ever! On a pace over 100 ahead of our record year of 2013!


First of all, thanks to many of you for being at one of our first three meets.  Our early pace — even with a damp, cool second week — is ahead of any other year!


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